What is your Learning Style?

There are 3 common denominators when you google ‘Learning styles,’ Visual, Audio, and Kinsenethic (See it, Say it, Do it).

Now that school has started or is about to commence for most of you, take this quiz to see what your preferred learning style is and adapt your learning to your style.

For Visual learners, your optimized learning condition would be charts, graphs, flash cards, silent reading, pictures, graphics and computer-assisted learning.
Tip: When digesting a large chunk of information, try breaking it down to a sizable amount by using the different visual tools mentioned above. Bring these visual aids with you and read them in between classes. As with anything else, the best way to remember information is through repetition.

Audio learners strive when they learn through discussion, dialog, debate, memorization through oral reading, listening to tapes or CDs, and cooperative learning groups. They can follow verbal directions and use the oral language effectively.
Tip: If it is permissible by your school, record lectures. When reading and digesting lecture notes, record yourself reiterating the lecture notes, emphasizing what is important to note. Find a friend who shares the same learning pattern as you and do a round of Question and Answers where one person asks a question and the other replies.

Kinsenethic learners are similar to active learners where they learn best by doing the activity and discovering it on their own. They learn by touching and doing and are very “hands-on.” They learn best when some type of physical activity is involved which also include taking active and frequent breaks.
Tip: Use flashcards with questions and answers. Jumble them up and rearrange them in the right order. Even if you have minimal artistic skills, try and draw the content you are learning. Trace words with your fingers to learn to spell words and act out stories when there’s an opportunity to do so. It is OK to be fidgety when you are learning.

Did you know that there are more than 3 ways of learning? According to the Baltimore County Public Schools <insert link>, there are 8 different types of learning styles. The best way to find your style would be to experiment and mix it up. Find your top two learning styles, journal your experience with each style and mix it up. Once you find that sweet spot, you’ve hit gold!

In the next article, we will talk about mentoring and its benefits on how this new way of learning can help cater to your learning style. Stay tuned!

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