Give back to the community and mentor the next generation of leaders

Why become a job shadowing host?

Gain better qualified candidates

Potential employees can get first-hand experience about how your company works. When they apply for a job with your company, they already know your company vision and goals.

Help keen learners at no cost or disruption

You and your employees can continue working as usual. Job shadowers are there to observe, learn, and get empowered with valuable insight into different jobs.

Additional admin staff without the cost

We handle all shadowing requests, scheduling, and vetting of students. Working with us creates ZERO administrative burden for you.

Discover a next generation of leaders

Unlike a formal internship program, job shadowing opens your doors to potential employees without complex paperwork.


Andy Terhune, RF Engineer at Advanced Energy

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My communication skills have improved with being a shadowing host. I’ve found that most of the technical work I perform is difficult to explain to others outside of my field. The job shadow provided me an opportunity to practice explaining things in terms that audiences, such as non-technical customers, could better understand.

Shadowing did not disrupt my work flow. I went through my daily activities while explaining out loud what I was doing. If something required my full attention, I politely asked the mentee to read a relevant document or watch/listen as I worked.

In a way, while working in the lab on power generators, it felt like I could have been running a training exercise for new hires (Explaining all the steps and safety precautions). It was good practice.

I am proud of the work I do and enjoyed explaining some of my more challenging projects with a student aspiring to be a professional engineer as well.

Andy Terhune, RF Engineer at Advanced Energy