Seven Reasons Why Your Kids Must Be Enrolled in A Job Shadowing Program

If you are a mom that is concerned about your child’s direction in life, I am just going to say that you are not alone. In fact, your child only has a small taste of what the working world is like just by simply spending 6 hours on average a day at school. However, that is not enough for your child to really understand what life is like when he or she enters the working world after they graduate from college or any post-secondary program. In fact, the majority of kids don’t take their school work all that seriously by cramming in their studying time at the last minute before an exam. Or,plenty of kids skip school because they fail to see the importance of why they are in school in the first place. My question now to you is, does this type of common behavior that kids display describe your child as well? If so, what you need to do right away is enroll your child in a job shadowing program!

In fact, according to Do Something, 25% of high school freshmen end up dropping out and end up struggling later on. And there is a good chance that your child doesn’t necessarily understand that his or her time in school is what helps them prepare for the future. However, again, that is not enough to help your child follow the direction that he or she needs. This is why you will need to enroll your child in a job shadowing program!

What Is Job Shadowing and How Can It Help Your Child?

Job shadowing is an opportunity that allows students such as your child to get a strong taste of what the work life is like by allowing them to spend a day with a worker that is competent at their office or anywhere, they normally work. And, you may not think it is necessary considering there are summer programs that will help your child get a taste of the working world. And, don’t get me wrong because those programs are excellent. However, it is still not the same thing as job shadowing because your child will experience what the working life is about which they will not get from those summer program.

That said, it is ideal for all students regardless of their level of development and their interests to be enrolled in a job shadowing program. That also means if your child has some developmental delays or has a unique learning style, job shadowing will help your child. Let’s now talk about the benefits that your child will receive when they experience the work-life just by participating in this opportunity:

1. Your Child Can Be Introduced to A Career That Has Not Been Considered – Does your child have any idea of the field that he or she wants to enter? Some students do but many do not. The job shadowing program will help your child learn about a niche that your child has not even considered. That said, this program will help him or her develop an interest in a field as it will help expand your child’s interests.

2. Your Child Will Develop A Realistic Outlook On A Career -Once your child starts to participate in a job shadowing program, her or she will learn about the kind of education is needed in order to be hired at a particular job. Additionally, he or she will gain some experience that is required to be able to enter that particular niche. That means, what your child will get out of the job shadowing program is what any particular career entails.

3. Your Child Will Discover What He Or She Wants In A Career -Job shadowing gives your child the opportunity to see in black and white what tasks are required to do in any particular job role. He or she will also be given tasks to do that comes with any type of career or job. That will help your child make a much better-informed decision about what kind of career that he or she really wants to get into.

4. Your Child Will Have Something Extra To Put On His Or Her Resume – If your child has had a part-time summer job, that in itself is a strong thing to add on the resume. Additionally, if your child has been volunteering, his or her volunteer hours and experience be part of the resume,and their job shadowing experience is an excellent addition. Potential employers who are looking at these students’ resumes like your child’s will be impressed to see that they had some extra experience by taking advantage of any job shadowing opportunity.

5. Your Child Will Expand His or Her Network – It is never too early for your child to learn to network. And, the advantage of networking is that he or she can find job opportunities through new contacts. The fact of the matter is, it is a lot easier getting a job if you personally know of someone who is offering one. Nepotism has plenty of advantages, especially when it comes to job-seeking. That said, if your child connects with someone who has plenty of other connections, that can only help!

6. Your Child Will Not Consider Dropping Out of School – Many kids in high school may have thoughts about dropping out for a variety of reasons. And, there is a chance that your child has been having those thoughts too. Especially during times of frustration. However, what your child needs to know is if he or she does not graduate, the job market will be very limited.That also means another way the job shadowing program can help your child is that he or she will realize that staying in school is the only way to get the most wanted job.

7. Your Child Will Be Motivated To Do Their Best – If your child has been the type to cram for exams at the last minute, and his or her grades are reflecting on that – there is a very high chance that once your child is enrolled in a job shadowing program that he or she will start to take school work more seriously. That is because your child among others will realize that the only way to get a job or into a career of their choice is by doing well in school in conjunction with graduating.

To sum up, if you are a mom that is frustrated about the fact that your child does not seem to take school seriously, seems to be lost, or has not shown any interest in any field – then this is why kids like yours need to be enrolled in a job shadowing program. Because, this way,students will not only realize the importance of doing their best in school.However, the experience will most likely help them develop an interest, and they can start walking on their own path towards the type of career that they will want to end up getting into! They will be thankful to have had theexperience with it one day!

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