For Mentors


Are you a current employee for a business/corporation/organization and have valuable skills and experience that others can benefit from? Do you want to develop leadership skills, make a difference in your community and world in the life of a student or adult learner? Here’s your opportunity!

Mentors help by guiding learners:

  • Making good career decisions
  • Gaining valuable skills
  • Making the right connections with people
  • Finding new opportunities

Make a Difference with LearningSpout! 

We are constantly recruiting businesses/organizations/corporations to join our list of Shadowing Host. If you are a current employee and want to participate, email us with your company’s information and we’ll reach out!

Contact us at or call us at 970-685-7241 

Successful referrals* gets a $50 gift card from us! 

*Terms and Conditions: Successful referrals is defined as when a business/organization/corporate entity signs our Shadowing Host Placement Agreement to participate as a job shadowing host with LearningSpout.