For Learners


(Middle school, high school, college and adult learners)

If you are in school and want to learn about a new career, our shadowing programs will connect you to professionals who are willing to meet with you and get a unique insight into what they do every day.

Adult Learners:

We know how hard it is to consider a career path or make a big change. Professionals in many fields are interested in connecting with you to help you learn about possible opportunities, training and what it takes to get you to the success you want! LearningSpout has many shadowing opportunities tailored to busy adult learners like you. Contact us to start down a new path of learning and opportunity today!

LearningSpout is for you!

  • You’re a middle and high school student unsure about what I want to major or what I want to be when I grow up
  • You’re a freshman and sophomore in college and I am still undecided on my major
  • Graduation isn’t far, and you want to gain an insight to the working world so I can better prepare and succeed
  • You’re an adult, in school or thinking about going back to school for the purpose of a career change.
  • You’re just curious about the different professionals and what they do
  • You’re a parent/grandparent/legal guardian of a child and want to help him/her make better-informed career choices

How It Works

The LearningSpout Shadowing Process

  • Schedule a free 15 minutes consultation
  • Let us know what job position you’re interested in shadowing
  • We’ll match your request with our existing pool of shadowing opportunities
  • If we do not have the position available, we’ll source and contact businesses on your behalf, for free 
  • Once we find the right fit for you, we’ll collect the program payment and schedule your shadowing.
  • We’ll do one final check-in with you after your shadowing

Our services are personalized and we do our best to help participants meeting their shadowing goals.

*Applicable fees do apply, contact us for pricing.

Any background checks on shadowing host may be requested at an additional fee.

We offer special pricing to schools. Contact us to find out more.