External Motivations

We all have those days where motivation lulls because of an unexpected event or circumstance. Depression, grief, anger, sadness, loss, isolation, anguish are emotions that afflict every human with some coming out stronger and some defaulting to bad habits that can turn into addictions or self-sabotage.

So what happens when you can’t seem to get the motivation to start on that business idea or get back into self-care? What happens when your intrinsic motivation is fallible and no matter how much you want to get back to the old happy self, you can’t?

You do whatever it takes to heighten the external motivation. It’s time to gather your closest friends or find friends that can be part of your support group. Nominate one friend who you know has what it takes to be your accountability partner. Ask your family’s help. They know you and can find ways to help ‘discipline’ you when you can’t discipline yourself.

It is more than OK to let yourself grieve and feel the emotions. It is more than OK to laze around at home, binge on ice cream and sulk for a few days. But don’t let these actions linger for more than a week. The first step to recovery that I feel always helps is exercise.

Exercise releases the feel-good hormones and energizes you. Ask a buddy to push you to exercise with them. You know yourself best. Have excuses? Try coming up with different ways to fight those excuses. Let that friend know ahead of time and permit them to do whatever it takes to get you out of the house and into the gym.

What are some external motivations you’ve used to help you get back on track?

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