Businesses and Organizations

Businesses and Organizations:

We are always looking for businesses and organizations help create an impact on our next generation of leaders. We work with each business to create the best shadowing experience without compromising on business and safety policies. Join us now and connect your employees to the community in powerful ways.

How It Works

  • Contact us with your business information.
  • List the available shadowing positions.
  • A Shadowing Care Coordinator¬†(SCC) will contact you for a follow-up.¬†

Your shadowing care coordinator will be your main person to talk to about concerns and questions.

What is the commitment like?

Our shadowing program is flexible. Businesses have the flexibility of choosing how much they want to commit per month. We’ll walk you through the process during our New Member Presentation

What is the cost?

It is completely free for any business and non-profit to participate! We offer the following free services to our partners:

  1. Free consultation
  2. Admin support
  3. Scheduling
  4. An assigned Shadowing Care Coordinator (SCC)

Contact us for information or special requests