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Seven Reasons Why Your Kids Must Be Enrolled in A Job Shadowing Program

If you are a mom that is concerned about your child’s direction in life, I am just going to say that you are not alone. In fact, your child only has a small taste of what the working world is like just by simply spending 6 hours on average a day at school. However, that […]

Mental Health & Accountability

We live in a great time where mental health is prioritized alongside physical health. Most insurance companies are accepting therapy as ‘Primary Care’ rather than Specialised. Leveraging on that privilege, I have been able to work with a therapist for a year now, and although I am slow in progress, there were many ‘aha’ moments. […]

We’re Recruiting!

  We’re currently recruiting students to try our shadowing services! Whether you’re a first-time mom, a freshman in college, an adult looking for direction in life, we’ll match you with mentors who can guide you! The process is as easy as 1,2,3! Contact us at We’ll set up the first consultation and ask you […]

Job Shadowing for Students and Why it Works

Job Shadowing is the act of observing, interacting, learning and working in the environment of a certain workplace under a Mentor. Shadowing helps students to understand the relationship between what they are learning in class and how that is being applied in the work fields that they have chosen. A problem stems from the fact […]

What is your Learning Style?

There are 3 common denominators when you google ‘Learning styles,’ Visual, Audio, and Kinsenethic (See it, Say it, Do it). Now that school has started or is about to commence for most of you, take this quiz to see what your preferred learning style is and adapt your learning to your style. For Visual learners, your optimized […]

External Motivations

We all have those days where motivation lulls because of an unexpected event or circumstance. Depression, grief, anger, sadness, loss, isolation, anguish are emotions that afflict every human with some coming out stronger and some defaulting to bad habits that can turn into addictions or self-sabotage. So what happens when you can’t seem to get […]