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Become a job shadowing host and show future star talent what your company is all about with no expense, no administrative hassle, and no disruption to your work flow.

Become A Job Shadowing Host Today   How LearningSpout Works

Benefits of becoming a Job Shadowing Host


Our Career Assessment test identifies people’s strengths, values and aspirations


Increase community goodwill and exposure by empowering students with experiential learning opportunities


Turnover is a headache. Save time vetting new employees and improve retention.

We help students and working professionals connect with businesses for job shadowing opportunities.

Job shadowing is the way to establish connections in a new industry or get your foot in the door of a local business. If you’re curious about a job, its work-life balance, career prospects, degree requirements and more, contact us and we’ll help connect you with a shadowing host!

Become a job shadowing host and show future star talent what your company is all about. No expense, no administrative hassle, no disruption to your work flow.

Like you, we hate the idea of enthusiastic young people setting themselves up for frustration and failure by pursuing roles they aren’t right for. Like you, we hate to see businesses hurt by bad hiring choices. By working with us you can identify promising job candidates who are driven by the same values and business objectives that drive you.

NEW! Discover your path toward joy, meaning and purpose!

We have now partnered with Pathway U, to offer an assessment tool that can help learners discover their true calling.

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For Mentors

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